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To make sure your Hand pistol keeps working reliably, you should clean and lubricate it on a regular schedule. Refer to your owner’s manual for the proper lubrication points, as well as the proper amounts of lubrication required.

Your Hand pistol should be cleaned and lubricated:

  • When it’s brand new, it’s fired for the first time
  • After each time it’s fired
  • At least once a month, if it hasn’t been used in that time
  • If it’s been exposed to rain, snow, perspiration, saltwater, dirt, dust, etc.

If you are using your Hand pistol very heavily, we recommend that you have it inspected periodically. A Hand certified armorer can do this, or you can send it to Guns on Point, Inc. to be inspected. If your Hand Gun needs another part replaced, that should be done by a certified Guns on Point armorer.


Proper cleaning and lubrication prevents corrosion and removes accumulated dirt and debris that can affect your pistol’s operation. Check the owner’s manual for your Hand Gun model for where to apply lubricant and how much to apply. NOTE: Applying the correct amount of lubrication is key. Too much lubrication can affect the pistol’s performance. Each time you clean your Hand pistol, it should field-stripped (disassembled into its major components).

cleaning your pistol