What a great experience. Everything went smoothly, my offer was negotiated fairly and the firearm was sent quickly undamaged to my FFL. Have no fear when making your purchase. This place is 1st rate..

John Hill

Ordered what I wanted online to deliver to a local gun store. Seemed simple enough. A couple days later I received notification my order was cancelled. I called in to see why. Apparently the store that was holding it sold it from under me. The person on the phone couldn’t send another new pistol. Could only refund my money. Couldn’t cancel the other part of my order. They wanted to send me a magazine for a gun they weren’t sending.

Mike Lloyd

I made two purchases, two days apart. I received one of my orders very fast. The other order took a little time due to a processing issue by no fault of Guns On Point. I contacted customer service and they were very helpful and responded promptly to my email. Shortly after communicating with them my tracking info was emailed to me and my FFL dealer received my order. I will be shopping with gunsonpoint.com in the near future. Very easy and simple process. If I had four hands I would give them four thumbs up!👍🏾 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Smith Wayne

Well thank you very much. Services and Guns are really on Point I got the pin back in and the gun now works like new. I will be buying the rest of my bb guns from you site. Also I refer all bb gun buyers to your site. Thank you again.

J. Finn

I asked a number of gun friends for advice, and they suggested a few different options. But one friend in particular, Mark Muller; whom I trust and admire, said the following; “Dude, just get a Glock 19. You can’t go wrong. It’s affordable. It goes bang every time you pull the trigger. You can trick it out or keep it stock. It’s just a great gun. It’s probably the only handgun you ever need. “


Raymond K.

It’s no secret the gunsonpoint market saw a huge increase in imported guns since the latter half of 2021, with a particular rise in affordable Turkish-made shotguns. These range from basic hunting and home defense guns to the more tacticoo/-type magazine-fed shotguns. The low price point is what stands out the most about these firearms. While affordable price tags can be attractive, it’s not worth much without some reliability to back it up. We got in two of our best-selling Turkish imports from gunsonpoint – the AR-style LND-117shotgun and the bullpup BPX”2 – to give them a whirl on the range and see if the reliability could be paired with the affordable price.