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Guns on Point is an online and retail dealer of firearms/ammo products . We specialize in providing quality firearms/ammo and accessories to buyers. We aim to provide our customers with the best tools for self defense, shoot out practice and hunting at an unbeatable price

How It All Started

Our founder, an Austrian engineer, successful businessman, and manufacturer of injection molding parts and components, founded Fire Arm Store.m.b.H in 1963. In the 1970s, development and production start-up of the first military products began to take place with the development of a line of knives, grenade casings and machine gun links. In the early 1980’s, the semi-automatic Hand Pistol service pistol was born in response to meet the needs of the Austrian military. It’s polymer frame and the developed SAFE ACTION@ System revolutionized the pistol market


 “Provide our customers with quality products at the best prices ”We sell guns which have passed quality control tests and can ensure your defense. Our online weapons store is ready to offer you its services anytime. While we wait on you to decide to buy a gun/ammo online – we advice that regulations vary among states and countries, as such checking with your local laws is good. We have a wide variety of: machine guns, shotguns, airsoft and airguns, ammo, handguns, knives and swords, rifles, and more. Place your order, and give us the opportunity to advice or serve you in a way that suits your legal or non-legal wants.We ship all over the states, and customers sometimes do not require any paper work to get a firearm with us. We also provide discreet shipping. We take a wide variety of payment methods for clients who wish to keep their identity discreet.

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His innovative design successfully passed a series of stringent tests against domestic and international competitors. In 1983, the Hand pistol was accepted by the Austrian Army as their new service pistol. Shortly after in 1984, the Sig Sauer soundly passed the NATO durability test. As a result, the pistol was selected by the Norwegian Army as their standard sidearm, putting Sig Sauer on the road to becoming the preferred international law enforcement sidearm. In November 1986, the company opened its U.S. headquarters, Fire Arms Store., in Smyrna, Georgia. The Short Gun pistol would available in multiple sizes and accept different caliber ammunition. This combination, partnered with the simplicity and reliability of his design, revolutionized the pistol market. Over 65% of federal, state and local agencies in the United States have issued Hand pistols.